Our Mission Statement

Our mission at Sector K9 is to provide accurate and reliable training for Police K9’s, their handlers, and departments at no cost. We service municipal, county, and school district law enforcement agencies across the country and place a significant emphasis on honesty and integrity with our interactions with clients meeting their unique needs.

We provide unsurpassed and the most progressive training at no cost to agencies providing dual purpose patrol K9’s, narcotics detection, and explosive detection training.

The Purpose

SectorK9 Foundation is a non profit 501(c)(3) dedicated to protecting communities around the nation. We leverage our 40+ years of law enforcement to make K9 units accessible to departments, communities, and schools around the country. We achieve this by providing our K9s for free, making the only expense training and maintenance classes.



The Impact

We help departments acquire and maintain K9 units at lower costs. This saves tax payers thousands and helps departments acquire K9s when they may not have been able to otherwise. We are also proud to rescue shelter dogs and give them a new chance at life through our Rescue2Resource program.



Our Partners:




Blann Family

A special thanks to Morgan and the Blann family. Morgan has worked tirelessly to help support SectorK9 Foundation. She has shown the dedication and perseverance it takes to help people in need. We look forward to seeing what the future holds for Morgan.



Meet The SectorK9 Foundation Team

Wesley Keeling – Founder and President

Wes Keeling has a total of 17 years of Law Enforcement and the last 10 years specializing in Criminal Interdiction, Narcotics, and K9 Handler/Trainer.

Wes has served on many different levels of Law Enforcement including supervision, SWAT, field Training officer, K9 trainer, and K9 handler.  Wes has proven over the last several years any dog can be trained for detection work, the dog must possess the proper drives and characteristics.  He has trained several detection, apprehension, and/or tracking dogs throughout his training career. Wes has also assisted many agencies with their K9 team, by fixing issues and adding to their existing training.   

Wes organized a group of Police Department’s and their K9 teams to train with each other several years ago.  Wes still contributes a full day a week to that group and ensures every K9 team in the group is adequately trained, trains not only to a standard but beyond the standards.

Wes is the founder of Sector K9 Foundation and serves as the President of the organization.

Garland Wolf – Board Member

Garland Wolf has spent the last twenty-eight years in law enforcement and the last 8 as a Chief of Police.

Garland holds over forty varied instructor certifications and has served in many capacities over his career to include SWAT Team Commander, Field Training Officer and field training program supervisor. Also a certified canine handler and trainer.  He was a canine officer and still serves as a canine unit supervisor.  He has trained many single and dual-purpose canines over his career and specialize in canine unit supervision and management with an emphasis on case law and FLSA related issues.  

Garland serves on the Sector K9 Foundation Board of Directors and as the Director of Training for all of the specialty training Sector K9 Foundation offers.

John Julin – Board Member

John Julin has been in law enforcement for 15 years spending his last 1 year and a half serving as Chief of Police.

John has served in the capacity of Supervisor, Investigator, Tcole Instructor, Firearms Instructor, K9 Handler, and community relations. John has worked as a K9 Handler for the past three years working with narcotics and weapons detection canines. 

John serves on the Sector K9 Foundation Board of Directors as the Director of School Based Law Enforcement Training for K9’s.

Todd Ward – Instructor

Todd Ward is a Texas Master Peace Officer with over 18 years of experience in Law Enforcement. The last 7 years has been as a K9 handler and interdiction officer. Todd is currently stationed on I-10 and is part of the Texas Border Prosecution program.  Todd is also currently working criminal interdiction through the Stone Garden program federally funded and administered through the U.S. Border Patrol. Todd currently handles two Narcotics detection Dogs trained by Sector K9

Todd is currently a TCOLE Certified instructor through the State of Texas. Todd has two years’ experience as a Chief of Police and over 4,000 hours of specialized training.

Todd is currently an instructor of Criminal Interdiction for Sector K9.