SectorK9 Foundation’s Mission

Sector K9 Foundation believes that we can end the dilemma of dogs in shelters across the USA by giving these abandoned dogs purpose throughout our local communities, as trained police canines. Dogs share their entire lives with us while depending on us; we relish the relationship we have with dogs and owe it to them to deliver them with purpose.

These vital donations not only take dogs out of local shelters, but also provide police officers with a trained and certified police canine, furthering a deeper bond between citizens and the police through our encouraged community engagement and dialogue based on the love of dogs.

Help us make dog shelters a needless thing of the past and donate today!

Support SectorK9 Foundation

 When you donate to Sector K9 Foundation, your charitable donation goes directly to a dog that we’re taking out of the shelter to be given purpose as an officially trained police canine. Your donation provides soon-to-be ex-shelter dogs with:

  • Quality food
  • Transportation from the shelter to our facility
  • Bedding
  • Collars and leashes
  • Housing
  • Medical Care
  • In-house certified training