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Patrol Dog Program

Featuring imported dogs for apprehension and full patrol

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Patrol Dog Program

We hold the belief that a patrol dog begins by mastering the fundamentals of socialization, maintaining environmental awareness, and possessing well-balanced drives.

We use industry standard training to produce the most highly trained canines possible. Our dogs are developed by former police canine handlers, active police canine handlers, and police officers that have achieved the highest ranks in law-enforcement.

The end result is a new team developed by realistic training, knowledge, and eagerness to help your department achieve its goals.


Sector K9 Advantage:

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Patrol Dog Program

We believe a patrol dog starts with the basics of socialization, environmentally soundness, and well-balanced drives. The standard breeds we import from Europe are German Shepherds, Belgian Malinois, and Dutch Shepherds. 

Here at Sector K9 Foundation, we pride ourselves in selecting the right dog for each handler we work with.

Patrol Dog Training Program

Sector K9 Foundation Patrol Dog Training

-On and Off Leash Obedience 

-Building Searches

-Criminal Apprehension

-Evidence Searches

-Narcotics Searches

-Tracking and Area Searches

Patrol Dog Handlers Course

A two-week bonding period with your new K9 partner is required prior to the start of the four-week patrol dog handlers course. If you’re an out of state resident, special arrangements will be made.

Standard topics covered:

Odor Theory

Leash Handling Techniques

Decoy Techniques

Case Law

Record Keeping

Report Writing

Building Searches

Criminal Interdiction for K9 Officers

E-collar Basics

Article Search

Police K9 Care and Nutrition

K9 Demonstrations

School Resource Program

We carefully select dogs with the characteristics needed to work within a school atmosphere. We put time into partnering the right K9 with the right handler. We take pride in being able to provide security, safety, and detection to school resource officers who may not otherwise be able to afford it. This program is not breed specific.

Training Classes

From training classes to developing individual K9s, we cover all your department’s training needs. We offer a wide array of classes geared towards helping your new K9 unit thrive in the field.

Why chose Sector K9 Foundation’s Patrol dog program

First and foremost, we are a nonprofit organization made up of police officers from the state of Texas.

We specialize our dog selection process by working one-on-one with each handler and our vendors to select the right dog for each handler.

We use our law-enforcement experience as K9 handlers to assist each department and select the correct dog.

After completion of our patrol dog handler course, each handler will have multiple contacts within the law-enforcement K9 profession to assist them throughout their career as a police officer. We are here to help you, not just train you!

This program helps support our mission and law-enforcement agencies around the country. 

Patrol Dog Success Stories


K9 Dexter

Commerce, Texas Police Department
  • Works with Sergeant Oakley

K9 Hans

Sampson Park, Texas Police Department
  • Works with Officer Hagin

K9 Ranger

Addis, Louisiana Police Department
  • Works with Officer Carroll