Pet Training Like Never Before

Police canine training is at the heart of everything we do. We bring the same rigid discipline to your family’s pet.

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Core training beliefs:

Positive Reinforcement





It’s all about the Discipline

Your pet is at the center of your family. All family pets are trained with compassion and steps are taken to educate the owner on maintaining the pet’s new found discipline. Ever training regimine depends on the bond between the owner and the dog.

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Our Approach


We use industry-standard training and positive reinforcement to produce highly disciplined family canines. Your dog will be developed by licensed trainers with real-life experience in the field. The end result is a loved family member eager conform to the house rules .

The Bond. The Discipline. The Experience.


There are no hidden charges or games. We use the same rigid training techniques with every dog we encounter.


We believe in training more than dogs. We believe in training people to give their dogs everything they need to be successful.


We use our 16+ years of K9 experience as the foundation of everything we do.