Protect Your Home. Protect Your Family.

Police canine training is at the heart of everything we do. There is no safer way to defend your property, home and family.
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It’s all about the bond

You can bring your own family K9 or let us select the perfect canine. Whether that’s a highly trained canine for police detection work, a family pet, or a protection dog, everything depends on the bond between the person and the dog.

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Years Of Law Enforcement Experience

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Our Approach


We train dogs for personal or property protection on a case by case basis. We train the dogs based on the needs of the individual client and the ability of the dog. The dogs are trained using positive methods and boarded at our facility.

The Bond. The Discipline. The Experience.


There are no hidden charges or games. We use the same rigid training techniques with every dog we encounter.


We believe in training more than dogs. We believe in training people to give their dogs everything they need to be successful.


We use our 28+ years of K9 experience as the foundation of everything we do.