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The Purpose

At Sector K9 foundation, it is our goal to place a donation police K9 and provide all applicable training for the K9 team in the hands of every qualifying agency, free of charge. It is our belief here at sector K9 that every law enforcement agency in the United States should have access to certified and trained K9 resources to help departments provide safer communities. The reality is that many agencies consider the necessity of a K9 program a luxury. 

The Cost

Current K9 program models can be as expensive as $20,000 to acquire, train and outfit a K9 unit for street ready service. By helping support this program, you minimize the impact on government budgets and potentially save the life of an animal languishing in a shelter who is unwanted and unloved. 

Rescue2Resource Program

Sector K9 foundation’s 501(c)(3) Rescue2Resource mission is to give shelter dogs a second chance at life by training them to protect local communities. Police K9 training is at the heart of everything we do. We are a non-profit organization changing the face of the police canine world.

The dogs detect guns and drugs. Some are also trained to track missing people.

Our donors save thousands of taxpayer dollars and provides a positive solution to some of our country’s toughest problems.

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K9 Training with a purpose


Sector K9’s goal, through the generous donations provided to us via our partner donors, is to acquire animals that meet the rigorous demands of Police K9 training and health standards for their initial training. Qualifying departments will be selected and paired through specific selection and sourcing standards for the canine partners. Sector K9 Foundation will acquire quality animals both of traditional and non-traditional Police K9 breeds from many reputable vendors, animal shelters and animal rescue groups. The canine partners that meet the requirements of the program will be paired with their human counterparts and begin affecting communities after their initial training.

This program not only gives canine’s a job but is also saving the lives of many animals that will gladly serve and assist their partners in protecting their communities thus improving the quality of life for the animal and the communities they serve.

This is a program funded solely through donations and unlike any other in the country. We ask that you take a moment to consider donating to the future of communities by providing a monetary donation to help us save animals and provide future K9 partners to our police departments around the country.