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It’s all about the bond

 We utilize K9 police training as the foundation of everything we do. With years of experience in law enforcement and K9 training, we are uniquely positioned to provide any degree of training.

SectorK9 Foundation is proud to be a non profit 501(c)(3). We believe in the importance of community outreach and fostering community policing.

Dual Purpose K9

We carefully select pure bred dogs and pair them with expert K9 training. Our 16+ years of law enforcement and K9 experience makes us uniquely qualified to provide any type of dual purpose K9.



Our Donation Program

Sector K9 works with various animal shelters to select dogs who have the willingness and focus to be a police detection K9.



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Our Approach


Sector K9 Foundation believes that a properly trained handler is as important as a properly trained K9.

We use industry-standard training and positive reinforcement to produce the most highly trained canines in the industry. Our dogs are developed by licensed trainers with real-life experience in the field. The end result is a new team member eager to help your department achieve its goals.

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