We Are Dedicated To Exceptional K9 Training

We utilize years of K9 training experience to develop exceptional team members.

K9 Dino

Deputy Dunn

Franklin County Sheriffs Department, MO

Dual Purpose Patrol/Narcotics

K9 Heat

Ferris ISD, TX

Works with Lieutenant John Julin
From Texas Tech University

K9 Spark

Works with Office Campbell

Lamar Colorado Police Department

Single Purpose Narcotics dog

K9 pepper

Works with Deputy Daniel Collins

Johnson County
Constables Office, Pct. 4, TX

K9 Rolo

Franklin County Sheriffs Department, MO

Dual purpose Patrol/Narcotics

K9 Riot

Lamesa ISD, TX

Works with Officer Gabriel Flores

K9 Java

Italy ISD, TX

Works with Officer Vernon Busby

K9 Ryker

Junction TX Police Department

Works with Officer Todd Ward

K9 Jet

New Haven Police Department, MO

Works with Officer Kyle Waters

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