Waxahachie, Texas

Testimonials from Our
Program Graduates.

I participated in the rescue2recourse program in 2020 and was paired with K9 Ace who went on to become the first rescue “Pitbull” to work on the street in Pennsylvania history. Sector K9 head trainer/ president, Wes Keeling was instrumental in building our new K-9 unit as well as his staff. Wes took the time to communicate with me as a new and inexperienced handler and paired me with the perfect K-9 to match my personality and supplement my strengths. Wes not only trained me as a handler he also trained Ace who was acquired from a local shelter and scheduled to be euthanized. Sector K9 is a first-class organization and has provided me with endless support after the fact even for the smallest issue or question. The implementation of our rescue K-9 unit has led to numerous deployments and seizures (narcotics and firearms). Our program is also a fantastic benefit to the department’s relationship with our community. Since 2020, I have now become a K9 trainer through Sector K-9 and was able to pull K-9 Jack from a local shelter who is now a certified firearms detection K-9 and the second rescue “Pitbull” to work on the street in Pennsylvania history. This is the result of the hands on, quality training received from Sector K-9. I highly recommend using them if you are looking for a working dog!

Detective Richard Jones

Trainer Borough Police

My name is Shelby Macha and I work for the Kimble County Sheriff’s Office here in Texas. I am assigned to the Junction Independent School District as an SRO. I recently was selected to be a K9 handler for my department. For as long as I know, we have always used Sector K9 for our K9 program. Prior to my attending the handler course, the K9 I was originally supposed to get unfortunately was not ready for the course. Wes was able to move his dogs around to still be able to provide me with a K9 in time for the start of the course. Due to having no actual previous handler experience, I didn’t really know what to expect once I got to the two week training. From the first day when I was able to meet K9 Sig and do some toy work with her until today, I couldn’t be happier with her. She is an amazing K9 and we match extremely well together. Between her unmatchable drive and the obviously good foundation that was laid in her training before I got there, it shows every day. I can’t say enough about the 2 week handler course. Wes explains not only the what, but also the why and how in all of the training with Sig. I was taught all of the ground/foundation work that was done with Sig. Because of that, I was able to better further her training from that point on. I couldn’t be happier with Sig and everything she brings to the department. I really do appreciate everything Wes and his foundation was able to do for me and our program. He is always there for any questions or issues that might arise.

Shelby Macha

Kimble County Sheriff’s Office

Sector K9 has been amazing to our department and to me as a handler. I love that they look individually at the handler and what they need to grow and be better. I also love that you work with your dog from start to finish, learning and growing together.

I will forever recommend this foundation for any agency that needs an amazing dog.

Getting a “shelter dog” and having them repurposed for this career, is saving their lives and giving them a family.

I can confidently say that I don’t just have a tool riding in my car, but a partner for life.

Deputy Crossland

Ray County Sheriffs office

Sector K9 and Wes Keeling through his rescue 2 resource program provided York County Regional Police Department with K9 Nova. Nova is an American Pitbull Terrier that is nationally certified in narcotics and tracking. Wes made the perfect match between Nova and I. With the exceptional training we have received through Wes and Sector K9 it has allowed me to help keep our community safe from illegal drugs while building relationships that may not have existed otherwise as Nova is with me everyday in the Northeastern School District and has been an invaluable asset to our community. Not only has this program give a shelter dog that was given up on a new lease on life; it provided her a noble purpose. The rescue 2 resource program highlights an unfairly maligned breed, “The Pitbull” ,that simply needs proper training and a purpose.

Shaun Goodman

York County Regional Police Department, PA

I have been a canine handler for about 10 years and have worked different kinds of police canines. I recently went through the Sector K9 Foundation’s dual purpose canine course and graduated with my new canine partner. Wes Keeling was amazing and provided top notch training. Wes teaches a new concept of building a long lasting partnership with your canine and improving on a lot of the old school ways of thought. 

The entire process from start to finish was a smooth and professional process. Wes and his team of experienced trainers really tailor the paring of handler and canine teams to meet the individual’s needs. Wes I wish Sector K9 would have been my first canine experience. Thanks for all the help and assisting my agency start their first ever canine program. 

Feel free to use the above commentary for your website. I have sent several pics to you if you need any more just let me known.

K-9 Officer Hagin #K95

Sansom Park Police Department

Great experience learning a progressive training style that builds a partnership between the handler and the dog. Being able to be a part of the process and learning how to observe issues and correct those issues helps develop you into a subject matter expert. Also seeing how your partnership was in the beginning to where it can be at the end was a real eye opening experience showing you that the training style works. The team at Sector K9 was personable and willing to help no matter what and Wes showed true patience with all handlers and dogs involved. There was a minor issue with an aspect of patrol apprehension with my partner and Wes was willing to do what needed to be done to make it right. Great training and I feel apart of the Sector K9 Foundation family now.

Tyler Oakley

Commerce Police Department.

My name is Officer Freude from Bellville PD. I received K9 Maggie through Sector K9 foundation Rescue 2 Resource program. She was a rescue dog out of California but you wouldn’t even realize it. She has a drive compared to any other. I was able to get top notch training at an affordable price. I recommend this to anyone and hope to see this program continue to allow small agencies, like mine, to afford to get a K9. Not only that but this is not only affordable but saving a life as well

Officer Andrew Freude

Bellville Police Department

Even though Harlow is retired and is just a fat and happy house dog now, we still share our training and story about Sector K9 every chance we get. Harlow not only searched and found many drugs and drug paraphernalia, but he also mended hearts and filled the gap between middle school aged kids and law enforcement. Whether he put on his therapy cap for a kid having a hard day, or put on the working cap to keep the school clean, he knew how to flip the switch quickly and easily. The only person that I can give credit for that is Mr. Wes Keeling at Sector K9! We enjoyed every bit of training (Harlow was already top notch, I needed the training) with Sector K9 and would go back in a heartbeat if we could. Thank you Sector K9 for giving Harlow a second chance at life and for giving us everything we needed to keep our school, and community safe!

Bethany Hicks

Headland Police Department

Providing a strong presence in our community for deterring narcotic distribution was one of the main focuses and challenge our Sheriff presented to our department when getting elected.

I have now worked with Wes and K9 Sector through 3 different handlers and 3 K9s. To say that he has helped us take on this challenge is an understatement and the guidance that he has provided to our handlers as well as admin has been unequivocal.

Wes has made himself available not only by phone and email, but has personally traveled to our department in Missouri to assist with training needs. I am thankful we chose to partner with K9 Sector and look forward to being an affiliate for many years to come.

Lt. Amy Sisson

Ray County Sheriff’s Office

I had the pleasure of meeting Wes about four years ago through the Ferris ISD Police Chief. We sat and talked about his K9 program and what it would do not only for our police department but also for our city. I sent one of my patrol officers through Wes’s K9 training programs and was amazed at the officer and K9 his program put out! Fast forward now. I was allowed to get my K9 handler’s certification through Wes’s patrol K9 program. It was awesome to see the thoroughness and thought Wes puts into the program and his students. Wes went into depth with his course and left no questions unanswered. He takes pride in his work, and it is apparent he cares not only about the quality of work he puts out but also for the care of his handlers and K9s!

John DeLeon

Ferris Police Department

I would like to share the Fort Worth Police Department’s K9 Interdiction Unit’s experience in working with Sector K9. We went through an exhaustive search for an organization that supports law enforcement with canine resources throughout the country. Little did I know such an organization was in our back yard. Through a social media search we discovered Sector K9’s page and saw the great work they were doing. The folks at Sector K9 quickly set up a site visit and began researching our needs. Sector K9 has resources to source many different breeds and skill sets of working dogs. They are able to place a new handler with an entry level dog or a seasoned handler with a more advanced dog. With Wes’s law enforcement background and Junior’s training skills it seems they have perfected the formula to select dogs best suited for each handler.

Sector K9 organized a handler school that included new handlers with their first dog and handlers with years of experience without missing any time or attention to each handler’s needs. At no point was anyone left out and after each session they would debrief the day and address each handler’s questions. Sector K9 secured multiple venues for training and placed the teams in real world scenarios to see how each would perform on the streets. I have never been to a school where such time and attention was paid to each team.

The canines that Sector K9 is able to source are outstanding working dogs. I was pleasantly surprised at the quality of canines at their facility. Wes has contacts throughout the country and is able to cultivate dogs that are best suited for the law enforcement environment.

My agency plans on continuing the relationship with Sector K9 for future needs and I would highly recommend them to any sized agency in need of high-quality working dogs that perform at a high level.

Sergeant CW Hubbard #3026

Fort Worth Police Department
K9 Interdiction Unit