Waxahachie, Texas

Training Classes

Police work and preparing police officers and their canines to protect the community is at the heart of everything we do.


We use industry standard training to train all canines in our programs. We pass on our decades of experience so that your canine unit can thrive in the field. We lean on rigid discipline and experience to provide you and your department with dependable training regimens. All of our courses and classes are instructed by licensed trainers with police K9 experience.

The Bond. The Discipline. The Experience.


There are no hidden charges or games at Sector K9 Foundation. We use the same rigid training techniques with every dog selected for our programs.


We believe in training more than dogs. We believe in training people to give their dogs everything they need to be successful.


We use our 40+ years of K9 experience as the foundation of everything we do.

Sector K9 Foundation Training Classes:

  • Basic Handler – included in basic detection course
  • Intermediate Handler
  • Advanced Handler – included in Advanced Apprehension Trainers Course
  • Basic Apprehension Trainers Course
  • Basic Detection Trainers Course
  • Basic Police Decoy Course
  • Basic Criminal Interdiction
  • Group Trainer Course
  • Advanced Apprehension Trainers Course
  • Advanced Detection Trainers Course
  • Advanced Police Decoy Course
  • Advanced Criminal Interdiction
  • K9 Administration and Unit Management